A New Ground Bothell Christmas

Through the New Ground Bothell Ministry, we have the amazing opportunities to help young mothers and their babies begin to create their new lives and during this time of the year, their new Christmas traditions.

At New Ground Bothell (NGB), young mothers with children 3 years or younger have a chance at a new beginning. The young families can stay in the apartments for up to 18 months while receiving coaching on interviewing for jobs, parenting, budgeting and many more workshops.

The Bothell UMC, NGB Ministry, creates Welcome Baskets to bring a touch of home to the young ladies as they move in and start their new beginnings.

A new Welcome Basket that was delivered to New Ground Bothell

For many of the moms, this will be their first Christmas on their own. This is their first opportunity to create traditions and new memories.

Think back to when your family’s Christmas traditions took root. Think back to when you cooked Christmas dinner for your family for the first time. When you bought your first Christmas tree and all those precious homemade ornaments that you look forward to pulling out and putting on the tree every year.

Think back to baking Christmas cookies to share with family and friends.

The Welcome Baskets give the young mothers, a starting off point to create memories. Baking sheets… spatulas… baking dishes… plates… mixing bowls. (A full list of all the Welcome Basket items is available on the NGB Donation Box by the front door of the church)

Christmas is a beautiful union of our memories and traditions of our Christmases Past and all the hope and anticipation of Christmases to come.

As a community, we have the amazing opportunity to help these young families create new memories they will be able to share for generations.

There are many ways you can help New Ground Bothell; primarily through donations. Below is a current list of the items needed to make complete Welcome Baskets:

– 12” non-stick skillets

– Baking dishes (casserole style)

– Washcloths (set of 2)

– Bath towels (set of 2)

– Shower curtains

– Shower curtain rings

– Bath mats

– Laundry baskets

– Full size bedding sets

– Monetary donations are also welcomed. Please indicate New Ground Bothell when making a monetary donation.

Please note – we can only accept new items and only the items listed above.

Thank you for your continued generous support of New Ground Bothell! If you have any questions, please contact Carol at redsophia2000@hotmail.com