New Ground Bothell has new volunteer opportunities

27 02 2018

You can make a huge difference in a young family’s life! New Ground Bothell has a couple of new volunteer opportunities:

1. once or twice a month drive a mother and her child to go grocery shopping.

2. Help provide childcare during cooking classes.

To volunteer or for more information, please reach out to Carol Packard at and/or Jennifer Chi at .

Thank you for generous support of New Ground Bothell!


Community Engagement

1 02 2018

Where are we engaged in the community? A note from Rev. Kristin Joyner, Director of Community Engagement at Bothell United Methodist Church.

Community Engagement is one way we live out our faith, a way that we can say to the world that we are disciples of Jesus. This is because community is where people are, and it is in the people that we find our connections to one another and to the whole kin-dom of God. Staying within our home and church usually means that we are around people who look and think like we do. As United Methodists we humbly acknowledge that we don’t know the extent of God’s work in the world, outside the church. It is in our communities where we can experience God at work and participate in the Missio Dei.

In the past year, I have worked in various areas outside my local church and in the local community to find areas for community engagement. This work is a lot of listening, prayer, research, sleuthing, networking, and a lot of meetings. This work, however, is the discovery of ways and places that invite us towards action.

In monthly meetings with other faith communities in Bothell and Kenmore, the Kenmore Bothell Interfaith Group discusses the various opportunities for shared resources, ministries and projects. This is also a resource for interfaith dialogue, an important component to building peace and understanding in a diverse world.

Inter faith Group meeting at Sikh Center of Seattle

It is with this group that we were able to work with the Cities of Bothell and Kenmore for approval and funding to open the Winter Shelter for the first time ever in this part of the county. This shelter was hosted at a local church for the month of October and moves to a new indoor location each month. This shelter uses volunteers for meals, companionship, and even professional services such as nursing and legal help. Send a note to to volunteer.

It is also with the Kenmore Bothell Interfaith Group that we have discovered a common concern for housing in our area and have co-sponsored public forums on housing issues and the cities’ housing strategies. We are beginning a workgroup on Housing issues in order to study and advocate for affordable housing in Bothell and Kenmore. This work currently involves attending the City’s planning commission meetings about mobile home parks to hear from the property owners and home owners, and to encourage the City to use their power to increase the availability of housing for the people who work in this area. Message the KBIG Facebook page if you are interested in participating.

Screenshot (6).png

Mary’s Place Northshore opened in Kenmore within the past year. They came here because of the recognition that there were no other services for families experiencing homelessness in our school district. It is a wonderful location that can house up to 80 people.

They are professionally staffed but love individual volunteers for companionship, childcare, or hobby or crafts experiences, or musical lessons. Their volunteer training is structured and can be accessed online. Similar opportunities to engage with previously homeless women are available at New Ground Bothell, down the hill from our church. We welcome them with generous donations of material goods for their move-in needs, and also are hosting a monthly cooking class for the moms. I know they would love more involvement with transportation and mentoring.

Monthly meetings with the Northshore School District Human Services Consortium is how I learn about the needs that arise for students and the solutions that exist in King and Snohomish Counties. Supporting the students in our area is a way to build strong foundations and networks that assure student success. This is why we worked with other faith communities for Community Serve Day this past summer and will do that again in 2018.


Supporting the Northshore Foundation’s  MILK program in May, feeding hungry high school kids and weekend backpacks for the elementary families is one way we are engaged, as well as hosting youth enrichment programs in our building!


Threads & Treads is the only free clothing resource for families in this area and is supported by many of our volunteers in the sorting room. Because of volunteers, the store is open on Wednesdays from 3-6pm. If there were more volunteers, they would be able to open more often. A Saturday crew would be a big help to families who work during the week. To volunteer, email

The City of Bothell holds public meetings in addition to the City Council meetings. These are called “Community Conversations.” Attending, and engaging in these meetings and discussions allows me to hear the broader concerns of the community. It was through these conversations that a group formed in order to hold a community-wide forum on the Opiod Crisis so the public could get their questions answered and become educated on how they can participate in solutions. Cities send out newsletters, you can subscribe on their websites to stay informed.

Hearing about the increasing needs in our communities and the apparent lack of accessible information and resources, I was able to partner with the City of Bothell, Cascadia College, Social Grounds and Lakeside-Milam to hold 4 public Community Resource Days. Volunteers from our church helped to staff those.


As my knowledge and awareness of local resources has increased, I am able to share that with our staff and volunteers. This makes us more helpful with many of the guests at Bothell Community Kitchen and those who come into our office during the week. We know that increasing the awareness of our local resources with all the public – with you – will create more pathways to the resources for those who need them.


Bothell Community Kitchen is continuing to attract volunteers from our community and the guests come from many adjoining areas. It is one place in our community where I am reminded of the diversity available to us in the kin-dom of God, our Beloved Community. BCK has a Facebook page and sign-ups online for volunteering.

We also engage in the community and connection of the United Methodist Church. Riverton Park UMC is in an area of extremely high numbers of immigrants, refugees and people experiencing homelessness. They have a large property that is being converted to transitional housing opportunities and our work team will go there once a month to help in this effort. Information is posted on the Event page for Bothell UMC.

We continue to engage in the United Methodist Committee on Relief and our 4th team will be headed to Salt Lake City to UMCOR West in September of 2018. Contact for more information.


A team is also going to Jamaa Letu in the Democratic Republic of Congo the summer of 2018 which I will lead for the people from United Methodist Churches in Rochester and Yakima, Washington. A large part of this work is figuring out ways to raise money for educational scholarships for these kids who are ready for college, but have no parents to pay tuition and no local scholarships.


Coming up – we have plans to hold Sunday afternoon forums on various Social Justice topics. These will be opportunities to learn about times to consider table turning actions. We will hear from the director of Faith Action Network, and are working on other topics such as Earth Ministry, Zero Waste education and more.

Community engagement is responding to needs, becoming educated, working alongside people who are different from us and all of it is about building relationships. When working alongside people isn’t possible, sometimes fundraising is. If there is an issue that is dear to your heart, but the work isn’t something you can do there is still a way to be involved. Perhaps this is writing letters of advocacy or maybe it’s becoming educated on the topic so you can talk to small groups about it, or maybe it’s forming a guild with your friends so that you can raise money using whatever gifts or talents you have for the passion or project that you share.

When your passions meet the needs in our communities, you are using your gifts to bear fruit as a disciple of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. If you are moved to action as a way to live out your faith, please contact me at




Exciting things are happening at New Ground Bothell!

8 01 2018

Exciting news from New Ground Bothell!

In September, Friends of Youth hired Chris Hossienzadeh for the position of Life Skills Specialist to work at both New Ground Bothell and New Ground Sand Point. This position encompasses many areas of life skills opportunities which help to increase the self-sufficiency of the homeless young adult clients. Chris develops relationships with community members and volunteers to create life skills curricula for the residents. To that end, she coordinated two cooking classes given in the BUMC kitchen by our own chef, Sheri Vahey, for her New Ground Bothell clients. She is responsible for ensuring the environment and physical space is appropriate for learning and safety. Chris also works with Lead Case Managers to reduce barriers in assisting clients to achieve self-identified goals. In an email to BUMC, Chris says;

“I look forward to meeting members of the church and community as well as developing working relationships with people and moving forward in our goals together. I know the value of committed, compassionate volunteers and what a great opportunity I have been given to create relationships outside of our building. Thank you for time, care and talent you put into making our program feel valued.”

Welcome Baskets are more important than ever as NGB continues to expand. To fill the next baskets, your continued support with donations of the following items is greatly appreciated. Place your donations in the bin in the narthex, or designate “New Ground Bothell” on a monetary donations. Please note, we can only accept new items for New Ground Bothell.

Duvet Covers

Bed pillows (2)

Mixing bowls

Saucepan (non-stick 3 qt)

Silverware (2 sets)

Mixing and cooking utensils that are non-stick-pan-friendly

Thank you for your continued support!


Local and Global Offering for Christmas Eve 2017

26 12 2017

Christmas Eve offerings from 2017 will be shared between two ministries that Bothell United Methodist Church is connected to.

Locally, our offering will go to New Ground Bothell which supports previously homeless women and their babies. You can read several more articles about our work with New Ground Bothell on our blog.

Watch this video to learn more:

Our global partner in ministry is with the United Methodist Committee on Relief, the humanitarian arm of the United Methodist Church that does relief domestically and internationally after disasters. They are highly rated as a relief organization by consumer reports and other charity sites. Learn more by watching this video:

Thank you for your Christmas Eve offerings in support of these two organizations.



Do You Hear What I Hear?

27 11 2017

There are many ways to hear about what goes on at Bothell United Methodist Church:

Screenshot (18)

The Bothell United Methodist Church Website has links to information, sign up for small groups, general information about worship services, the monthly calendar of events and more!


20171122_081111You can receive the “Witness”, our monthly newsletter, 3 ways: by E-mail as a pdf file, by reading it online via the website, or by paper copy via the U.S. Mail. The monthly newsletter has announcements, events, ways to connect and short articles. Sign up on the tear-away in the Worship program or send an email to


Screenshot (17)_LIOur Facebook page is updated with information and photos of interest to all. Upcoming Events are posted there, as well as interesting stories that link to our blog (see below).  You can also “like” the Bothell Community Kitchen Facebook page!


Screenshot (15) is a magazine-style blog. Ministry leaders post longer articles about their community engagement activity, opportunities to get involved, and human-interest stories. Subscribe by clicking on “follow” on the home page and then you will receive an email when there is a new post. These stories are also linked to the Facebook page.


20171127_141513The Community Resource Board is located on the wall by the main West entrance. There are pamphlets and brochures about activities and programs in the church, as well as information about local resources for many Human Services in the community. Feel free to browse anytime!


Pastor DJ’s Weekly Email Message is sent out to everyone who provides an email address. Sign up on the tear-away in the Worship program or send an email to


 20171127_141554Bulletin Boards are located throughout the lobby of our church. You will find updated fliers, announcements and information of interest to people of all ages!

With these resources, you can hear about everything that is going on at Bothell United Methodist Church!





What Do I Do While Waiting for Christmas?

24 11 2017

The Season of Advent is a season filled with anticipation.  It is also filled with Love, Joy, Peace, Hope and Jesus! As we await the arrival of God with us, many people find a need to engage in community with others. Here are some local suggestions from Bothell United Methodist Church, with links for more information.

Advent Love

We are called to love our neighbor all year, not just during this season. Consider ways you can love your neighbors consistently in 2018. For ideas especially this month, here are some suggestions:

Access the Mary’s Place website for the new volunteer opportunities at the Northshore location in Kenmore. If you have a skill, or time you can offer with a planned activity, the parents and children at Mary’s Place would love to hear about it.

One way that parents express love is by buying gifts for their children. Some parents want to shop, but cannot afford to do so. You can donate toys to organizations that allow parents to shop for free, or give gift cards for department stores to families that you are in relationship with that are experiencing financial needs right now.

Advent Joy

There are many programs and performances that you could attend during this celebratory season. Here are some great local choices:

Sunday, December 3rd at 4 PM is “A Joyful Noise!”  This is for all, it is a multi-generational program in the Sanctuary that will have songs, stories and kid-friendly involvement.

Sunday, December 10th at 2 PM is “Comin’ Is A Glorious Light!” The Chancel Choir, Chant Choir, Bell Choir, Brass Ensemble, Flute Ensemble, and Sojourners will present a concert of Christmas music. Donations at the door will benefit Bothell Community Kitchen.

Advent Peace

The season of advent can seem busy and overwhelming and it can bring grief for those who have lost loved ones during the year, or in seasons past. To bring peace into your lives, please join us at the service of The Longest Night on Wednesday night, December 20th at 7 PM.Advent Long night

One of the United Methodist social principles is that we use our economic power in ways that enhance quality of life for the producers of our products and food. In our culture, excessive shopping and spending is encouraged during this season. Not just this month, but all year, we are encouraged to utilize our purchasing power with companies that promote ecological, social and community improvements. It is getting easier to find those products online, or at local markets. Many online sites direct a portion of your purchases to non-profit agencies, such as where you can sign up to make sure a portion of your online purchases support the ministries of the United Methodist Church


Advent Hope

This advent calendar brings you a prayer of hope and encouragement each day, and suggestions for community engagement, as we await the arrival of Jesus. Download it for free for the whole family to use!

Make an Advent wreath. JesusThe wreath, because it is a circle, symbolizes God’s never-ending love. The wreath, because it is green, symbolizes life. An Advent wreath contains four candles representing the four Sundays leading to Christmas. Many people place a white candle in the center of the wreath to symbolize Jesus. You can make a wreath using a Styrofoam base, greenery, and purple candles. If you do not have a Styrofoam base, place your candles in candleholders. Arrange them in a circle, with the white candle in the middle. Place greenery around the candles.

Advent Jesus

As we become disciples of Jesus, we have many hopes, joys, questions and comments. Come on Wednesday evenings, November 29th, December 6th and December 13th at 7 PM to share your comments, and some cookies and cocoa!

Christmas Eve will be celebrated all day Sunday, December 24th.  There will be 4 worship services that day: 9 AM, 10:30 AM, 7 PM and 11 PM.  At 9 AM and 7 PM, we will have a birthday party for Jesus!

Our prayer for you  is that you experience all the Love, Joy, Peace and Hope that is offered to you through Jesus Christ. Amen.



In the Kitchen with New Ground Bothell!

21 11 2017

Exciting things are happening at New Ground Bothell! Chef, Sheri Vahey, cooked with 5 moms from New Ground Bothell in the BUMC kitchen. In addition to lots of tips as they chopped, sliced, and stirred, the ladies went away with recipes for Chicken Enchiladas and Chicken Soup.

Each also received a grater as a gift for participating. Everyone had a good time, not only learning some new skills, but sharing their memories and experiences as they revolved around food. They also had requests for future classes addressing specific skills and dishes. Thanks to Sheri for sharing her time and talent with these ladies

Thank you for your generous support of New Ground Bothell. As the families transition out of New Ground Bothell, there other families transitioning in that still need us. We need the following item to fill our Welcome Baskets please:

Bed pillows (2)

Crib Sheet

Crib blanket

Full-sized Duvet Covers

Full-sized sheet set

Mixing bowls

Saucepan (non-stick 3 qt)

Skillet (non-stick 12″)

Mixing and cooking utensils that are non-stick-pan-friendly

Silverware (2 sets)

Please place your donations in the bin in the narthex, or designate “New Ground Bothell” on a monetary donations. Please note, we can only accept new items for New Ground Bothell.

Thank you for your continued support!


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